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Sam!girl all the way

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I'm an INTJ who loves that dumb show about hunting demons or whatever

stiles stilinski is the light of my life

someone get will graham some proper medical care is a sentence that can't be said too much



How to get away with murder S1, Gotham S1, Bones S8, American Horror Story: Freak Show, Breaking Bad S1


The Fellowship of the Ring, by J. R. R. Tolkien; Matai-vos uns aos outros, by Jorge Reis; The prince and the pauper, by Mark Twain


Lazarus Broken

The Howling Crossroads


Painfully multifandom. Mostly SPN, TW, Hannibal and Orphan Black but also DW, Sherlock, GoT and other fandoms.

100% wank free. Spoilers are tagged [show's name + season nº].

I track #lostchesters, #qroatoan, #scottmycall and #georgesmeliess.

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